✝ It's Not A Secret That I'm Just A Reject ✝

that dimple will be the death of me
To all of my beautiful followers…

Goodnight, and remember every one of you is loved and that you mean something to someone, even if it’s just the 5sos lads and I. I’m here for support if you need it. x

heyo mayo 5sosfam, like if you live in Australia

muscles and tats ugh.
Michael Clifford is prettier than me.
what is this natural beauty and where can i get some?
Made this parody for one of my closest friends Angel. I’m so different compared to her, she understands we can’t change each other and that’s what makes our friendship.
Michael Christmas Clifford
someone said my blog is a mating call and due to my thick skull I don’t understand whether that’s a good thing or
fandomgasim said: Your blog is a mating call in blog form

I only just saw this…haha sorry! Is that a good thing? x